InfoPark Companies in Kochi Focusing On Digitization to Survive the Pandemic

infopark companies in kochi

InfoPark companies in Kochi were hugely threatened by the disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many IT professionals are forced to work from home. But as a sector, the impact was lesser and InfoPark Kochi has shown their capacity to recover from situations like these.

Companies with a small footprint in the industry had to quit. But others are seamlessly survived so far and acquired additional spaces for further expansions.

During March and April, only 5-10% of employees were coming to InfoPark and small companies were facing a lot of issues from cash flow and existing work orders are getting canceled or contacts being renegotiated, and so on.

The situation could cause most of the companies to surrender their space in the InfoPark or reduce their space. But none of them have happened.

Only a few companies with a small number of employees were quit. To support the stayed companies, IT park announced a three-months’ rent waiver.

Ironically, both InfoPark in Kochi and TechnoPark in Thiruvananthapuram are receiving inquires for space to set up offices. If you are looking for a built-up space in InfoPark, visit their website.

Many tech companies in Kochi claim to face no serious issues but only some contract renegotiations. Some of the companies even claimed their business improved by 10-15% during the pandemic.

Every company is now trying to reduce the dependence on human beings and give more importance to improve their digital infrastructure.

Among various sectors, IT companies are least affected due to the current situation. The increased focus on digitization could be the key reason behind this.

Many domains like transportation, tourism, oil and gas, and many more are severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But web design companies in Cochin are still providing their excellent services to clients.

InfoPark Kochi shows consistent growth in the past 3 years by adding 189 companies and more than 18000 employees. Currently, the park is having 427 companies and around 47000 employees.

Even last year some of the biggest companies including an international games technology company set up an office in InfoPark. Many other popular IT companies are started to set up their office in the park.

During the last three years, five new buildings are added to the existing facility. Future infrastructure expansions are on hold because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

But still, the pandemic had created more opportunities for freelancers. You can hire expert freelance web designers in Kochi for your web design project.

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