How to Start Free Blog for Promoting Your Business?

how to start free blog

A business owner trying to learn how to start free blog might find this article very useful. Avoid starting a blog without first doing your research and planning, especially if it’s a free one. Learn about the procedures and best blogs for beginners.

This blogging tutorial includes a number of pointers to bear in mind while you create your domain. There are choices to make the process as simple as possible, but you’ll quickly find there isn’t a quick fix for how to start a blog.

How to Create a Blog for Free?

If you want to learn how to create a blog for free, you must now decide which websites you may employ to make your desires come true. Here are the top 5 websites that let beginners create blogs for free.

1. WordPress

WordPress is required for blogging for beginners, regardless of the .org or .com extension. The latter platform offers numerous stunning themes for various types of content as well as free and less technical blog domains. Choose the best one, then alter its design, graphics, tabs, and widgets. In addition to standard paragraphs and headings, the basic post editor now supports image galleries and feedback forms. There are several things you can do to add interest to your blog postings.

You only have a small selection of additional tools available to you, like the plugin Jetpack, which can handle your security, marketing, and monitoring. You must upgrade if you want more. In actuality, without a Business plan, you are unable to install more plugins or make significant modifications to your domain. Even though WordPress is free, with the help of a good web design company in Kerala, you can customize the WordPress website that fits your business needs.

2. Wix

While welcoming free users with a variety of features, including SEO, marketing, and management tools, Wix’s reputation matches that of WordPress. Even though will still be part of your URL, the service you receive makes up for the inconvenience.

Wix asks you a few questions before offering to build the site based on your responses or letting you pick the theme and design. There are many lovely themes available if you choose the latter.

The website editor is simple to use and has many options for adjusting your blog. You may alter the fonts and colors, add websites and free apps, make films, and even edit photographs. The post editor is equally useful and encourages you to do your finest work. You can optimize the website content and gain more search engine visibility with the help of a professional SEO company see the site.

3. Weebly

Weebly’s design and selection of tools, including themes, sections, metadata, and blog settings for your sidebar, post-sharing buttons, and more, are similar to Wix.

You’ll be pleased with how your site turns out, despite the domain editor being less user-friendly than some of the other websites on this list. You can still make a free domain attractive and effective despite its restrictions.

4. Blogger

Use Blogger for a straightforward web design platform. As the name implies, it is made especially for blogs. You will have a neatly designed domain to promote your material for free, whether you’re uploading articles, images, or cooking instructions.

It doesn’t get any simpler or more cost-free to start a blog than this but don’t anticipate your domain to look or function as well as on Wix. Having said that, there are appealing themes to select from and ways to tweak them for a really satisfying outcome.

As Blogger is a Google service, you can easily access resources like Google Analytics, AdSense, and a straightforward button for search engine visibility. There is a community of website developers you can join and share your content with in addition to maintaining, advertising, and making money from your blog.

5. Medium

Medium is the final platform that can show you the fundamentals of blogging. Your free profile is simple to set up and falls in the middle of a website and a social network account, but it is less functional than a dedicated domain.

This means that you may write beautiful articles as you wish, personalize your Medium profile, and gain a following on the platform and beyond without the worry of managing your own site. Yet, the limited number of tools available limits what you can do as a blogger.

How to Start Free Blog for Promoting Your Business – Conclusion

Starting to blog is a great way for your business to reach more customers. You can start a blog for free using the platforms listed in this article. They have plenty of themes and plugins to customize the blog according to your liking.

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