Principles of Logo Design to Establish a Solid Brand Identity

principles of logo design

The principles of logo design will be helpful for designers to create unique logo designs. The whole idea of a logo is to connect with the target audiences with something memorable.

A logo is a visual asset of a business that helps the customers to remember the brand. Every time people hear about a brand the logo design will come to their mind along with the company’s products and services.

What Are the Main Principles of Logo Design?

Some of the main principles of logo design to establish a solid brand identity is listed down below.

1. Originality

A logo should be unique enough to get the attention of the target audience. Original designs are necessary to attract potential customers at first glance.

A logo design company offering brand design services will know the significance of original and unforgettable designs to make the brand stand out from the competition.

Unique logo designs help businesses to develop a strong brand identity and spread brand awareness.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity is what makes a design to be memorable. When you see an icon of an apple with a bite taken out, you will immediately recognize the brand.

You should create logos to be clear and visible while reflecting the brand philosophy.  Wise choices in typeface, colors, and graphics will make the design to be simpler. You should know color psychology to create effective designs.

3. Scalability

This is an important logo design rule. A logo must be adaptable to different sizes. Professional logo designers should think about can it go on a huge billboard and a small pen.

Because logo designs will be used on different marketing assets of a company such as websites, letterheads, business cards, brochures, packaging designs, etc.

Graphic design companies providing reliable packaging design services make sure the logo designs are still noticeable on small product packages.

Steps to Find Design Inspirations which follows Principles of Logo Design

Here are the steps to find the logo design inspirations.

  • Search on google for top 10 logo designs
  • Analyze the designs to understand how they combined the principles of logo design
  • Visit graphic design galleries to see more logo design inspirations

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Principles of Logo Design to Establish a Strong Brand Identity – Summary

The logo design principles listed in this article are essential for improving brand identity. The designs must be unique and simple to help the target audience to notice and remember the design. Also, logo designs should be scalable to place them anywhere. A creative logo designer must follow the guidelines while designing brand logos.

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