5 Mobile Application Development Trends in 2016

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The best useful mobile application development trends to follow in 2016.

In this era of developing technology, we cannot plan a single day without using any mobile application. Most of us are now habituated in using internet for meeting our daily necessity. We cannot think of connecting each other every minute without accepting the blessings of advance mobile application.

From dawn to dusk, for making easier every task, we must seek help from developed mobile application. We are continuously taking help and tips resulted by the development of mobile applications. Because of this sudden development in mobile software, people prefer to use mobile for browsing and surfing different websites at ease. It resulted in boom in sales of ecommerce products and services.

These trends in mobile development have ensured that mobile applications will hold the lead of future advanced world. This development is not only classified by the retail businesses, it is also taking the hold of other entertainment, enterprises, and other sectors of business. For selling, buying, eating, wearing, and other purposes, we would like to use mobile. To stand out of this recent competition, a good application is very essential part.

As the development in mobile applications for every sector is a continuous process, developing and sustaining powerful mobile app is not that much easy task. To sustain in this developing trend, it is necessary to come up with the best mobile application and trustworthy design. In this post, I want to bring some latest trend of mobile application in light, which can highly influence the pace of development.

Developing and designing mobile app in your own way can make it creative and extraordinary and it helps you to uphold your application from other apps for enhancing your business. So let’s put some lights on future trend of mobile application development.

Top mobile app development trends in 2016

1. Cloud- powered Apps

The diversification in mobile app development is greater than ever. The use of mobile, tabs, and other digital devices is growing, and it lets us obtain the advantages of custom mobile application development. These devices are adding up into the future developing tech world and in near future, we will have surfeit of mobile supplies. To sustain in this competition, it is very indispensable to make the mobile apps be integrated with more and diverse devices and we have to take this into our consideration as early as possible. To do so, we need to apply safe and steadfast technology. Cloud technology can offer miscellaneous solutions to attain our objectives. The applications, powered by Cloud can intensify the data and content management to ensure flawless execution of apps on a variety of devices.

2. Declining obsession for native apps

There are lots of articles published on web that describe that recent trend of development has made it easy to make choice between hybrid application, native application and web application. The new era of development is targeting a large number of mobile devices by developing native apps, hybrid apps or web apps and these can be obtained in low cost. However, most of the custom mobile app development companies prefer hybrid application or web application development rather than native application development. Hybrid and web application development have made an easy platform for the all kind of developers ranges from beginners to experts. As a result, the development of native mobile apps is declining day by day.

3. Security is the core of mobile app development

According to statistics of 2015, most of the mobile apps have been unsuccessful to stand out the basic test of security. As a result, almost all the mobile developer tools are designed in a way that can ensure proper security. In 2016, this is going to be taken into intensive focus of app developers.

Many apps store crucial as well as sensitive information of consumers like their personal details, bank details, contact info, and many more. To reach the hike of customer satisfaction, it is necessary to take proper steps to ensure leak-free security shield. This issue is going to be the top hot concern in 2016.

Moreover, the top companies like Google and Apple are struggling for developing applying top-notch safety and security features to ensure proper security to stop passing important information of their prospective clients. To keep their application in their desire store, they are not overlooking any single issue regarding confirming security guarantee. This issue encourages app developers to ensure security for customers.

4. IoT and Wearables should be taken into consideration

Google Glass and iWatch from Apple is the new craze of this generation. The technology of these wearables and IoT (Internet of Things) are gathering clients’ preferences for the new craze. These immense technologies are being used to serve the people with high-class experiences. Developers like to apply these technologies to take their invention to the next level of development. These high-end technologies are helping the developing companies to generate handsome revenue for upcoming years. In the coming year, people will be connected to each other through varieties of these types of devices according to tech researchers.

Best mobile application development company should take wearable and IoT technologies into their consideration while developing a new app. They should maintain a strong and easy to execute strategy for app development to ensure high level of benefits. You can study the evolution of watchOS 2 in 2015 to understand the underlying facts of innovation that can help you to invest your though for inventing something competitive. Newly developed mobile application should fit with the functionality and the credibility of these IoT and wearable devices.

5. Remember to promote your app competently

Marketing or promotional of app will determine how it will win hearts of people and how it will be considered. Therefore, app developers should work according to special strategy and marketing plan that will help them to attract their target customer. App development companies all over the world are now making their promotional strategies in different ways to make it competitive and sustainable. One of the effective and easy ways to integrate the app with people is to integrate it with Wi-Fi and beacons at first. App store optimization is another way of make the app integrated and easily available. It will help you to focus your target customers in one place.


The points mentioned above are some projected trend of mobile application development and these will be the common trend of 2016. A wise developer or development company should consider these describes trend during bringing any new app in front of customer.

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