Top 10 Web Design Principles for An Effective Business Website

web design principles

The web design principles listed in the article will be helpful for website designers to build effective business websites. These principles are followed by many of the experienced designers in the industry.

Top Web Design Principles to Create an Attractive Website

Here is the list of top website design principles.

1. Website Purpose

A business website should address the requirements of the customers. Each page on the site must have a clear purpose. This will help the customers to easily find what they are looking for.

If the purpose of the site is to increase brand awareness, you should integrate the branding of the company into the website. This will ensure the clients are getting reliable brand design services and increasing their brand awareness.

2. Simplicity

To ensure better usability of the site, it should embrace simplicity. Complex designs can be distractive and the customers may not find the information they want from the website.

Elements like colors, fonts, images, graphics, etc., can influence the simplicity of the site. Therefore, use them properly to make simple designs.

3. Easy Navigation

Navigation guides the users to quickly find a particular page or information on the website. There is an important web design rule about navigation which is known as the three-click rule. It says a user should be able to find any information on the site within three mouse clicks.

4. F-shaped Pattern Reading

Commonly the attention of users goes to the top and left areas of the screen. The pattern will look like the alphabet F. Web designers can place the most important content on the page as per this pattern.

5. Content

A good website must have an appealing design as well as great content. Having relevant and engaging content is necessary to attract customers.

Content of the site can have an impact on the SEO rankings of the site. Many SEO agencies deliver SEO-friendly website content as part of their best SEO services.

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6. Grid-Based Layout

Grids help to easily organize the site. They help to align each element on the site and the design looks very clean.

7. Faster Load Time

One of the important web design principles is the faster load time of the site. For a business, the website must load faster to engage customers instantly. You should optimize the elements on the site to reduce loading time. Or else the bounce rate of the site will be increased.

8. Mobile Friendly

The number of mobile phone users is huge. Therefore, to attract more customers, businesses need mobile-friendly websites.

You can deliver WordPress web design services to ensure the clients are getting responsive website designs. Because WordPress creates responsive websites by default. It is also possible for custom website designs.

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9. Correct Placement of CTA

The call-to-action button placement is very critical in the case of a business website. The button should be immediately noticeable.

10. Great User Experience

Most importantly a web designer should give importance to user experience. Make sure every element and aspect of the site is tailored to give an excellent user experience.

How to Find Designing Inspirations That Follows Web Design Principles

Look for the top web design galleries on the internet to see world-class designs created by creative web designers. The designs may give you new ideas for your web design projects.

Web Design Principles for An Effective Business Website – Conclusion

The top 10 golden rules of web designing are given in this article. You can use them to create top designs and excel in your web design career.

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