New Business Ideas in Kerala with Small Investment

business ideas in kerala

Some of the most profitable new business ideas in Kerala are outlined in this article, requiring only a small investment. Whether you’re a resident of Kerala or not, these business ideas can be started on a small scale with low investment.

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New Business Ideas in Kerala

new business ideas in kerala

1. Biodegradable Soil Business

This business is related to farming. You can sell biodegradable soil to the farmers. You can find the business has huge demand in the market.

2. ATM Renting Space

Nowadays, there many new banks are available for the people. But not enough ATM counters are available. So, you can rent a space for an ATM counter. This is a good source of fixed income. If you already have a suitable space for ATM, then you have to spend very little on this business. As one of the new business ideas in Kerala, not many people are familiar with this business.

3. Wall Stickers Business

Nowadays, you will be able to find wall stickers in many homes and offices. When it comes to manufacturing wall stickers the costs are very less. Therefore, this can be definitely added among the new business ideas in Kerala with a small investment.

4. Air Bubble Wrapper Packaging

Air bubble wrap is essential to protect fragile items. But most people don’t know about this business. You can set up a small-scale business in Kerala offering packaging services using air bubble wrappers. Business owners can find customers by making good contacts in the industry and supplying services to clients who manufacture fragile products such as glass items, toys, etc.

5. Aluminum Foil Business

Aluminum foils are used for different applications such as packing material. It is a good material for packing food items because it can keep the food warm. Since, more online food delivery services are arising every day, selling Aluminium foils is the best business to start in Kerala.

6. Grapevine Business

You can create grapevine because the cost is very less and can sell them to your customers and make a good income out of it.

Home Business Ideas in Kerala

home business ideas in kerala

7. Kids Garments Making Business

Creating and selling garments for kids can get you many customers. You should make trendy dresses for kids. You can reach more customers through an online store. People looking for the best online business ideas in Kerala can try this.

Use social media platforms to market the new designs and get more customers. A social media marketing company in Kerala can provide you with online marketing solutions.

8. Tailoring Business

Tailoring business is a lucrative venture in Kerala. With skilled craftsmanship and creative designs, it offers potential for success and growth in the local market.

9. Cap Making Business

People starts to become more conscious about fashion trends. Therefore, people wearing caps have increased compared to a few years before. You can produce caps and sell them in bulk to shopkeepers or sell them online.

10. Bakery

If you are good at cooking and have an interest in starting a business in the related field, then you can start a bakery business. This business has the potential to get huge customers. If the products taste good, you will get regular orders from customers.

Manufacturing Business Ideas in Kerala

manufacturing business ideas in kerala

11. Manufacturing Aluminium doors

This is a type of new business in Kerala which is gaining popularity. Nowadays more offices, schools, etc., are using these types of doors. The high strength and durability are the main reason why people opt to go with Aluminium doors. You can manufacture Aluminium doors and sell them.

12. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti making is one of the great small business ideas in Kerala because most of the household has agarbattis. You need to build a small plant for agarbatti manufacturing. The business owners can sell it using online stores or local shops.

13. Candle Making Business

Candles are used by people for many years. But now candle makers are trying to create candles in unique designs. This is one of the relatively new business ideas in Kerala. You can create candles with attractive designs and sell them to people.

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14. Jute Bag Making Business

The use of plastic bags is getting less due to the restriction by the government. This created new business opportunities in Kerala such as selling jute bags. You can make and sell jute bags at affordable prices.

15. Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing

The demand for this product is increasing. You can make contacts with the people in the dress-making business and sell the buttons. Since this is one of the new business ideas in Kerala, the competition in the field is very less.

16. Soap Making Business

Starting a soap making business in Kerala can be lucrative. Focus on natural, herbal ingredients to cater to the growing demand for organic skincare products. Sell through local shops and online platforms.

Online Business Ideas in Kerala

online business ideas in kerala

17. T-Shirt Printing Online Business

The T-shirt printing business has the potential to be an online business. The eCommerce website should need options such as selecting the right size, changing colors, uploading custom images to be printed on the T-shirt, etc. This can be considered among the most profitable new business ideas in Kerala.

With the help of an eCommerce development agency in Kerala, you can set up an online store having all the above-mentioned features.

18. Online Business of Selling Perfumes

You can sell good quality perfumes online which can be manufactured either by you or by top brands. You can make a good income by doing the same.

19. Online Toy Selling Business

There are not many eCommerce websites dedicated to selling toys. Online toy selling business can get you customers from everywhere. Some of the web development companies in Kochi provide the best eCommerce development services.

Small Business Ideas in Kerala

Here is the list of small business ideas in Kerala with low investment.

small business ideas in kerala

20. Watch Repairing Business

Watch repairing stores are also very high. Since many people are moved to smartwatches, there are not many shops repairing smartwatches. So you can try such small-scale business in Kerala.

21. Bed Sheet Business

You can start a business to sell bedsheets as everyone uses bedsheets. This can be done using online platforms which are not tried by many sellers. You can introduce new designs as per the customers’ request and improve your business.

22. Ice Cream Store

Selling ice creams have the potential to become a bigger business. You can experiment with new flavors and have a unique identity in the market.

23. Mobile Repairing Business

This business has great demand as more and more people are using mobile phones. Repairing mobile phones can help you make a good profit.

24. Wall Clock Business

The cost of the wall clock is not very high and you can get them for a very affordable price and sell them in your store afterward.

General Business Ideas in Kerala

Check out some of the general business opportunities in Kerala.

25. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are a product that can be found in every home. This is one of the best business ideas in Kerala which requires a small investment. You can sell plastic containers for different applications.

26. Steel Utensils

The demand for steel utensils is also very common in households and this business has a huge market in Kerala.

27. Artificial Jewelry Business

You can sell customized jewelry to your customers at an affordable price and make a good business out of it. People who are really interested in buying various types of jewelry can become your customers. This business can run both online and offline.

28. Flex Printing

You can start a flex printing business. You need to have expertise in designing the flex. Getting the assistance of a company offering services such as graphic design in Kochi, Kerala can reduce the cost of having an in-house designer.

29. Coconut Business

Businesses related coconut is very popular in Kerala. You can buy a coconut from farmers to sell it industries require coconut, such as coconut oil producers. Another choice is that you can be a coconut oil producer. Also, neera business is also related to coconut farming.

30. photography Business

If you have a passion for photography, you can make that a profession. You can find opportunities such as marriage photography, other events photography, and many more.

Which of the new business ideas in Kerala are most profitable?

Since there are too many choices you may wonder which of the new business ideas in Kerala are most profitable. But you can’t say a single idea is the most profitable. Because the success of a business depends on your hard work and skills.

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New Business Ideas in Kerala with Small Investment – Conclusion

The top 30 new business ideas in Kerala that require a relatively small amount of money are listed in this article. It will help you to get a huge profit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is best in Kerala?

There are many businesses in Kerala that have the potential for high profit. The growth and success of any business depend entirely on the hard work and skills of the business owner and employees.

How can I open a shop in Kerala?

If you are starting any commercial enterprise then you must file within one month of the establishment’s commencement under the Shop and Establishment Act. All shops and commercial establishments, except those who are licensed under the Factories Act, have to be licensed under the Shop and Establishment Act.

How to start a business in Kerala?

The Kerala Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Facilitation Act 2019 has facilitated the launch of numerous businesses in Kerala, with 7000 enterprises already benefiting from it. Under this legislation, investments up to 10 lakhs do not necessitate any prior license from the state government.

Can you give some small business ideas in Kerala Malayalam?

We haven’t written about small business ideas in Malayalam. You can find Malayalam articles on this topic by searching on Google. They provide comprehensive insights and suggestions for starting a business in Kerala.

Which are the best business ideas in Kerala with low investment?

Some of the best business ideas in Kerala with low investment include starting a part-time venture or a small startup. Options like soap making, candle making, and mobile repairing can be great for those looking to invest minimal capital while gradually building their business.

Is repacking business ideas in Kerala a good small investment idea?

Yes. Repacking business ideas in Kerala is a promising small investment idea, leveraging local market nuances for innovative solutions that meet specific consumer demands and preferences effectively.

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