Web Design Interview Questions for Aspiring Website Designers

web design interview questions

We have listed below the top web design interview questions and answers that are very helpful for aspiring candidates looking for a web design job.

Web Designer Interview Questions and Answers

See the list of commonly asked web design interview questions and answers for freshers.

1. List the platforms or languages that are used for website designing?

The most popular languages used for web designing

JavaScript – Functionality

CSS – Styling

HTML – Base format

PHP – Server-side script

2. Why do you want to be a web designer?

Make sure to you do not answer this question in the context of money. That will create a negative impression. The interviewer may get impressed by knowing the job truly inspires you. Convey your passion for web designing to the interviewer.

3. As web designer differentiate HTML tags and elements

HTML tags are used to communicate how to render text to the browser. HTML tags are placed inside angle brackets. An element that represents some kind of structure usually consists of a start tag, content, and end tag.

4. What is a CSS File? For what purpose it is used?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) describe how HTML elements are to be displayed on a screen, paper, or other media. CSS is designed to enable the separation of presentation and content, including fonts, layout, and colors. An experienced web designer should be familiar with CSS.

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5. What is the use of CSS float in web designing?

It is usually used when you need to make an element of a page float to the left or right and have an influence on other elements to wrap around it.

6. What is the external style sheet? How can we link it?

An external stylesheet is a template, document, or file which contains style and appearance information that can be used to link the HTML document. a large number of HTML documents. A large number of HTML documents can be linked using external style sheets.

7. What is a responsive web page design?

This is one of the basic web design interview questions. You should know the importance of responsive web design. A responsive web design automatically adjusts for different-sized screens. If a website is built by following responsive web design standards, it will look and feel perfectly on any device including desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your answer to responsive web design interview questions will help the interviewer understand your expertise.

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8. What is the basic difference between an alert box and a confirm box?

An alert box is a simple popup that has only one element which is an OK button. Similarly, the confirm box is also a popup box but it has two buttons, one is OK and the other one is the cancel button.

9. What is a grid system?

It is a content-organizing mechanism built using a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. It helps the web designer to deal with terms of structure and content presentation. Pre-made frameworks for web design help junior web designers because they are comparatively simple than others.

10. What is WordPress?

WordPress is the best open-source CMS platform. It is built on PHP/MySQL and licensed under GPL. WordPress web design services can be used to create personal or commercial websites.

11. What tools do you use for web design?

Try to be familiar with all the common web design tools before the interview. Some of the popular design tools are Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Sketch, Mockplus, etc. Make sure to communicate your experience in some of these tools.

12. What are some design components of an optimized website?

Some of the effective ways to implement optimizations include compressing assets appropriately, minimizing CSS and JS code to make the page load faster, cleaning HTML, and not loading unused scripts or CSS modules.

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 13. When do you use JPEG and when do you use PNG?

JPEG is a lossy compressed file format means it reduces image size by compressing it. This works well for photographs, illustrations, gradients, etc. But they won’t be good for screenshots, flat icons, or text. On the other hand, PNG is a lossless compression file format which makes it ideal for logos, images with text, screenshots, and UI elements.

14. What makes a good color scheme?

There is no universal answer to a good color scheme because every project requires a different approach. Depending on the client’s brand, the type of websites you are designing, and its readability, you can select the color scheme.

Conclusion – Web Design Questions And Answers

The responsive web design interview questions and answers listed in this article will help you perform well in your web designer job interview in a web design company in Kochi, Ernakulam. Some web design companies ask questions to test your language and communication skills. Therefore, as a beginner in the web design industry, you should spend some time improving your communication skills too. The expert knowledge and confident attitude will give you a competitive edge in interviews.


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