Scope of Starting an IT company in Kerala, India

it company kerala

IT company in Kerala is a great business opportunity that displays immense scope for interested people. In Kerala, one of the fast-growing industries is the IT field.  Clients are interested in establishing their web presence are approaching the IT companies in Kerala. Therefore, an IT company with experienced professionals can make more profit from Kerala.

The pandemic also became a blessing for the IT company in Kerala as more businesses started to switch their focus to online services. This leaded the companies to have substantial growth in their assets and profits. This growth will continue in the future too which is a good sign for those who want to start an IT company in Kerala.

Major IT parks for IT companies in Kerala

Some of the main IT parks in Kerala can give you an opportunity to start your IT company in Kerala.

Technopark Trivandrum

Technopark in Trivandrum is established in 1990 by the Government of Kerala. It is fully owned and administered by the Kerala Government. Technopark houses domestic firms, joint ventures, and subsidiaries of foreign firms offering web designing, creative logo design services, social media marketing services, mobile app development, and so much more. IT companies in Trivandrum can utilize the facilities offered by Technopark.

Infopark Kochi

Infopark in Kochi, Ernakulam is established in 2004 by the Government of Kerala. As of 2020 Infopark had 450 companies and employed more than 50000 professionals. This is a perfect environment for companies entering into the IT business.

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Thrissur IT Park

Thrissur Information Technology Park (TIP) is a business ecosystem situated in Thrissur city. Thrissur IT Park gives an opportunity for thriving start-ups and entrepreneurs under one roof by providing affordable workspace solutions. This is why this place is better for a new IT company in Kerala.

Cyberpark Calicut

Cyberpark in Kozhikode has been envisioned and conceptualized as a major IT park catering to the IT companies in Calicut after the inspiring success of Technopark in Trivandrum and Infopark in Kochi. Cyberpark promoted the IT companies in the northern part of Kerala. The park is not restricted to an IT company in Kerala. Companies offering other IT solutions such as the best SEO services in Kerala or graphic design solutions can use the infrastructure.

Other Opportunities for IT Company in Kerala

Contrary to popular belief, the business opportunities for IT company in Kerala is not restricted to IT Parks alone. The companies can set up their own office and begin the operation. Even though there are a huge number of IT companies in Kerala, you can still build your own presence in the market by employing expert IT professionals in Kerala.

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Summary – Scope of Starting an IT Companies in Kerala

As mentioned above the competition in the IT industry is huge. But with the help of talented professionals and hard work your IT business can achieve success.

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