Jobs at Infopark Kochi, Kerala: Tips for Web Designers to Find Vacancies

jobs at infopark kochi

Website designers in Kerala can find jobs at Infopark Kochi, Kerala. Infopark houses many IT companies including web design companies, software development agencies, MNCs, and more.

Infopark was established in 2004 and was planned to complete in two phases. Phase 1 is already completed with 101 acres of land and phase 2 is spread over 160 acres.

Location: Infopark Park Centre, Near Tapasya Building, Infopark Phase 1, Infopark Kochi P O, Kakkanad, Pin: 682 042.

The number of web design companies in Infopark Kakkanad, Kochi is very high and this created a lot of job openings for web designers in Kochi, Kerala.

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Skills Need for Infopark Jobs in Kochi Website Designers

To secure a web design career, you must gain the skills needed for the job. Those skills are explained below.

1. Experience with Design tools

Depending on the company, jobs at Infopark Kochi may require different educational qualifications. But one thing common about all the companies is your experience with all the design tools. Even if you are a fresher in the industry, your skills in popular graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other visual design tools will help you get the job. The expertise in using design tools can be useful to find jobs in a top graphic design company.

2. Acquire Basic SEO Knowledge

Web designers usually think about creating a good design only. But if you want to be a good web designer you have to think beyond that. You should know what the client wants with the website.  Then you will understand having a good design is not enough to generate traffic to a website.

Every website needs to have a strong SEO backbone to get good online visibility. Professional web designers in Kochi, Ernakulam design websites from thinking in their client’s perspective and combine their SEO knowledge with their creative designs. So you must learn about SEO services in Kochi, Kerala to build a better website.

3. Knowledge about UX/UI

You should have the ability to create a website with an excellent user experience and a good user interface. A web designer in Kochi must be familiar with the latest web design practices like responsive web design and others to get jobs at Infopark Kochi, Ernakulam.

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4. Communication Skills

To deliver the web designs as per the client’s requirement, the web designer should be able to understand and communicate the needs to other team members. Especially during times when more companies are encouraging work from home for their professionals. Therefore, communication skills are essential for the job.

How to Find Infopark Job in Kochi for Web Designers

There are many ways to find Infopark jobs in Kochi, Kerala. The first one is visiting their web page for job openings in Infopark. Another method is by searching using Google. Search for top 10 jobs at Infopark Kochi. You can find part-time and full-time jobs by searching online. You can apply for jobs in the top list of companies which offer excellent salary packages and other incentives. Also, look for paper ads of walk in interviews in Infopark

Wrap Up – Tips for Web Designers Looking for Jobs at Infopark Kochi, Ernakulam

There are plenty of job opportunities are for web designers. To successfully get the job, the designer should acquire special skills. The skills proficiency in design tools, SEO knowledge, expertise in creating better UI/UX, and good communication skills.


The jobs are available in various companies situated in the buildings in Infopark Kochi which are listed below. The table is taken from,_Kochi

Buildings in Infopark
Building Phase Built-up area Year of commission
Government owned
Thapasya Infopark Phase 1 125,000 sq ft (11,600 m2) 2003
Vismaya Infopark Phase 1 238,500 sq ft (22,200 m2) 2005
Athulya Infopark Phase 1 350,000 sq ft (32,500 m2) 2010
Jyothirmaya Infopark Phase 2 400,000 sq ft (37,200 m2) 2017
Private owned
Carnival Phase-1 Infopark Phase 1 127,000 sq ft (11,800 m2) 2004
LuLu Cyber Tower 1(Previously Tejomaya) Infopark Phase 1 400,000 sq ft (37,200 m2) 2008
Wipro Infopark Phase 1 1,000,000 sq ft (92,900 m2) 2008
Carnival Phase-2 Infopark Phase 1 330,000 sq ft (30,700 m2) 2009
Carnival Phase-3 Infopark Phase 1 161,858 sq ft (15,000 m2) 2010
Carnival Phase-4 Infopark Phase 1 251,562 sq ft (23,400 m2) 2012
Tata Consultancy Services Infopark Phase 1 1,300,000 sq ft (120,800 m2) 2014
World Trade Center, Kochi Infopark Phase 1 750,000 sq ft (69,700 m2) 2016
Cognizant Infopark Phase 2 1,500,000 sq ft (139,400 m2) 2016
LuLu Cyber Tower 2 Infopark Phase 1 1,300,000 sq ft (120,800 m2) 2018
Trans Asia Cyber Park Infopark Phase 2 600,000 sq ft (55,700 m2) 2018
Under Construction
IBS Software Services Infopark Phase 1 600,000 sq ft (55,700 m2)
Caspian Tech Park Infopark Phase 2 450,000 sq ft (41,800 m2)
Cloudscapes Cyber Park Infopark Phase 2 60,000 sq ft (5,600 m2)
Under Planning
Padiyath Innovations Infopark Phase 2 1,000,000 sq ft (92,900 m2)
ClaySys IT Campus Infopark Phase 2 150,000 sq ft (13,900 m2)


How many companies are in Infopark Kochi?

Infopark Kochi accommodates 450 companies as of 2020 which employs more than 50,000 professionals.

Who is the CEO of Infopark Kochi?

Mr. John M Thomas is the current Chief Executive Officer of Infopark.

Who started Infopark in Kerala?

Ex. Chief Minister of Kerala, V. S. Achuthanandan launched phase 1 of Infopark on 10 October 2009 with 12 medium-sized companies and an office space of 44,500 sq ft.

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