PHP Developer Jobs in Kochi, Kerala

Are you an experienced PHP developer in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala looking for challenging job opportunities where you can learn lots more? Then you can apply for this new vacancy.

We are looking for expert PHP developers who are passionate about technology, constantly seeking to learn and improve their skillset. Come to work at, one of the leading web design companies in Cochin, Kerala, to have the best career growth opportunities.

Successful candidates can have a rewarding career. Also, this company is a great place for aspiring minds to interact and develop along with the experienced PHP developers in Kerala. As a top web development company in Kerala, India our primary objective is to deliver services that could achieve customer satisfaction and you will be responsible for those services.

PHP Developer Jobs in Cochin, Kerala


  1. Build, test, and set up innovative web applications in an efficient manner
  2. Identify and fix CSS, HTML, and scripting compatibility issues between a variety of platforms and web browsers
  3. Investigate and discover architectural considerations, such as website performance, web usability, and database design
  4. Develop and maintain all applications utilizing standard development tools
  5. Prepare procedures for ongoing website revision which includes recommendations for performance improvements, create and refine style guidelines for website content
  6. Keep up to date knowledge about current programming practices and web technologies
  7. Coordinate with the web development team members to understand the client requirements
  8. Collaborate with the design team for the mockups and wireframes


  1. Proven experience as a PHP developer, web developer, software developer, or related roles
  2. In-depth knowledge of PHP coding and web-based applications
  3. Proficient in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML
  4. Familiar with website integration and software creation
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  6. Able to follow clear instructions according to client requirements
  7. Basic idea about search engine optimization (SEO)